Value Century Packages

Our Century Tent packages include banquet tables, brown metal folding chairs and string lighting. Substitutions not available. 
For custom packages, please call one of our event designers.

Sunset Package

$645 (Seating for 96 guests)
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Oahu Package

$865 (Seating for 144 guests)
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Paradise Package

$1,175 (Seating for 192 guests)
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Maui Package

$1,410 (Seating for 240 guests)
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Waikiki Package

$1,100 (Seating for 120 guests)
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Lanikai Package

$1,600 (Seating for 200 guests)
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Waimea Package

$1,965 (Seating for 280 guests)
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Kahala Package

$2,300 (Seating for 360 guests)
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Tax and delivery not included in above prices.

Setup / breakdown cost: $4 per table and $1 per chair.
Federal holidays, early morning, and evening delivery and/or breakdown are subject to additional charge.